My latest crush :)

I’ll call him…Matt…to protect the innocent.  We went to dinner a couple weeks ago.  He actually got on my schedule much more quickly than I usually allow for/am able to fit someone in (I  am generally busy and like a significant amount of time to myself).  But we had started messaging on a Friday.  By Saturday I was pretty sure that I wanted to meet him sooner than we had planned (which was 2 weeks from that Friday – b/c he was going to be traveling some and I had 2 dates set up for the Saturday and Sunday respectively).  When my Saturday date stood me up (that’s a whole story…he actually seems to have maybe been admitted to the hospital…), I texted Matt to see if he could grab drinks last minute. He couldn’t – well, he actually said he was tempted to blow off his other plans and join me, but I said no, suggested Sunday after my other date set for Sunday (and disclosed all this), and he could make it work.  Follow so far?

When I got to the restaurant to meet him, he both was and wasn’t what I expected.  He was less conventionally hot than most guys I meet.  But there was something about his lips, his quick wit (and laugh), and his bedroom eyes that had me thinking about kissing him during the entire meal.  Before we met, I had said that I needed to get to bed by 10 or a little after since I had work the next day. He assured me that was no problem since he had to be up even earlier for work, and he’d have to call it a night much earlier (he didn’t say how early). As dinner was winding up, I asked him when he needed to get home. He said 10:30/11. I thought that was a pretty clear sign he wanted more.  And I did too. So, I invited him back to my place.

Now I live, quite literally, less than a 2 minute walk from the restaurant if one is walking semi-normal.  I’m not sure how long it took us to get to my place because as soon as we walked outside, we started kissing.  And he was a mighty-fine kisser.
Sex was kind of interesting because he had trouble staying hard with a condom and intercourse (not sure if it was the condom or the intercourse or nerves or whatever else it could have been), but oral was great.  And damn, he was good at it.  I don’t think I’ve ever cum so hard from *just* oral before.  So, he more than made up for whatever was going on when we tried intercourse (and he came from a blow job, so everything seemed to be in working order).  After sex, we hung out awhile and chatted and found we had several quirks in common (like not enjoying movies because of the lack of character development in a 2 hour period).

We exchanged a couple texts the next morning and then…nothing. Now, I knew he was going to be traveling some.  So I sent one friendly text. Nothing.  I figured that he was new to online dating (I knew I was his first online date), and maybe he freaked out at sex on the first date. Some guys still do.  But I figured I’d give one last try and texted over this past weekend. And to my surprised, he wanted to text a lot. So the banter picked back up, he texted me from his work trip yesterday, and then texted when he got home today. And we have a date set up for Sunday.  And I’m excited. Some guys I’m excited just to fuck.  Like Superman.  I mean, he is a genuinely sweet guy, and we can chat, but it’s light chatting. With Matt, it definitely was much more natural and fun to just talk with him. So, I’m super excited to see him again.

I actually find casual sex and crushes go well together. A lot of guys aren’t suitable relationship material (Matt is relatively new to his job and is working crazy hours and is also not long out of a serious relationship).  But they are fantastic guys.  So knowing I can fully indulge a hard core crush by getting naked with them…and then getting distracted by another crush another date…seems to work.  Or has so far.  We’ll see.  Matt is definitely a guy I’d crush on even in my former, “normal”, dating life.


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