Observation: Men will give up casual sex pretty quickly if they think a relationship is possible with someone they like

I received a message from the Comedian today canceling our plans because he “kind of” started a relationship last night with someone else.  This is fine.  It’s part of the deal.  I have no problem with someone being honest about last minute cancellations of this nature.  Someone else had done something similar a few weeks ago.  And I’d say both these guys were more explicit and kinky than the average guy messaging me.  And yet…they go from single and ready to fuck to “well, I want to see where this goes” in about a 24 hour period.  I give them credit. That’s great. There are always more guys to meet who want casual sex (I think I’ve texted with 5 guys today who I’ve either met or texted extensively with who are trying to find a way to get on my calendar).  But conventional wisdom is that the “player” type guys will go for all the casual sex they can get before they are forced to give it up. I don’t think that’s really all that accurate based on my unscientific look from the other side of the curtain. So keep the faith, women who want monogamous relationships! Many many men will give up close to guaranteed NSA sex if they meet you and think you’re groovy.


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