It takes an army of phlebotomists to administer an STD test

I just had to post a blog post for that title.  I have tricky veins.  When I went in today for my “being a responsible person” STD test (in other words, I have no specific worry and use condoms for intercourse…honestly, not for oral…and yes, I know STDs/Is can be spread through oral), I ended up with 3 phlebotomists in the room at one point.  Oh well. Got ‘er done. Should have results in 24-48 hours. Hopefully all clear.

Obviously there are risks with sex.  The risks are worth it for me.  I try to get tested regularly (what does that mean? it sort of depends on the number of sex partners I’ve had in a given period of time) and talk to people about their own testing and use condoms. I’m imperfect about the conversations (but probably a solid B+ to A- average). And I suppose ultimate safety would involve condoms for oral sex.  I’ll take that risk.

Update: All clear on the STD/I test front. As I thought I should be, but always a relief to know for sure.


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